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Hair Flip Your Way Into Great Influencer Awareness Campaigns.

It’s an aggressive market here in Malaysia for hair care brands. When we spoke to 83 respondents about their hair care products, we were introduced to more than 70 brands. This means for every 1.2 users, there’s 1 unique brand that they use in their hair care routine. There’s no wonder that you can’t snooze on your brand’s awareness campaigns.


There are many ways to go about awareness campaigns. But the effective always-on approach for brands now is none other than social influencer awareness campaigns. When we run these campaigns, what we focus on will ultimately be the impressions and absolute reach of the posts. The more eyeballs the better!

The question is, besides the size of followers, are there any other areas we can optimize to push content out for more eyeballs?

Nuffnang Lab took this challenge and dived into 426 past hair care awareness campaign posts that we’ve done with the influencers. And lo and behold, there is more that we can do to up our game besides just looking at the follower's size.

Here’s the gist of our study to super Saiyan our awareness campaign!


1. Ride the video wave

Are you still trying to spend most of your investments on photo postings? Well, the news is major social media platforms are now switching to video platforms. That includes Instagram. In our study, the video deliverables regardless of platform performed almost 3 folds higher than still photos in absolute reach. And that says a lot!

2. Speak their language

Speaking your consumer’s native language is a key to push the content further out. Why so? While social users don’t necessarily interact with the content directly, they might share the content with their community if they think it’s relevant. It’s important we are on the same wavelength. And we all know that we have the biggest market in Malay-speaking communities. Even though the Malay language was not the primary language our previous campaigns used, it still performed the best when averaging it out.

3. Content relevancy helps sail to a new shore

We always speak about the importance of content relevancy. But do you know that there are 2 potentials that help push the impression and absolute reach further? There's 1) the algorithm potential 2) the follower base potential. IG and TikTok have revealed that their algorithms will push content based on the likelihood of social users interacting with the posts. And if the content indeed receives interactions, the algorithm will favour the post more. On top of that, the success of the posts is also closely related to the followers interacting with the content and sharing it with their communities. When the content relevancy is high, it’ll hit both the algorithm potential and the follower base potential to push our content to a higher shore!

The full report of this study is full of exciting learnings. So we highly encourage you to reach out to your respective servicing person from Nuffnang to have a full report walk-through. Or you can drop us an email at to request a walk-through!