• Alexis Lau

You're Cordially Invited To The Clubhouse

Or are you?

Founded in 2020, Clubhouse, an invite-only, audio-based iPhone app is just like listening in on someone else's phone call, legally. (Now if you’re an Android user suffering from FOMO, don’t worry, Clubhouse has begun development of an Android version of its app).

So in case you’re not part of the Clubhouse, let’s quickly get you up to speed:

After downloading the app (provided that you have been invited), Clubhouse offers its members a page full of virtual ‘rooms’ and conversational topics to follow, from languages to arts to world affairs to faith and on and on. In every topic, you'll find people with common interests, and you can follow them.

Why is it such a big deal?

We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity, and with the emergence of this relatively new app here are my two cents on the opportunities and potential Clubhouse holds.

1. The casual users

Although Clubhouse is literally just humans discussing topics and listening to one another, it is like a never-ending conference call covering eclectic topics. And just like a podcast, you can listen while you’re multitasking or working. If you’re running out of good podcasts to listen to, this app fills your need for valuable spoken content with the diverse topics discussed and insights shared by the hosts and other participating users.

The possibilities of new knowledge are endless and users can count on the Clubhouse community to keep fresh ideas and perspectives coming.

2. Thought leaders

Clubhouse may be the coolest new kid on the social media block right now.

As is the case with any new platform (especially when thought leadership is placed front and centre in the app), you may already observe many ‘Christopher Columbus-es’ jumping in early to capitalize on first-mover’s advantage and building a following before bigger sharks emerge in these new territories.

Do you have a burning passion for performing arts? Or are you an avid photographer with skills to share?

When you completely remove the gimmicks, the distractions and the fluff from other social media platforms in an audio-only app like this, it is the ones with the most intelligent, compelling and passionate ideas who will stand out and steadily gain traction in this space.

So if you plan on leveraging on Clubhouse for personal brand building, doing it now will be relatively easier before the app seriously starts to boom. There’s absolutely no time to lose!

3. Business owners and brands

If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer, Clubhouse offers an amazing platform for you to establish yourself or the brand you work with as an industry leader/disruptor and promote your products or services.

You, as a business owner, could also ask questions, get free advice from other experts, muster up conversations and exchange numbers with your fellow entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll have a chance meeting with a potential investor that will take your business to new heights.

What’s next?

Unlike most social networking sites where it’s “the more the merrier'', Clubhouse is invite-only, and its ephemeral content strongly plays on FOMO.

In other words, Clubhouse thrives on exclusivity.

However, Clubhouse has attracted over two million weekly active users as of January 2021, and it is only a matter of time when everyone you know would have jumped on this bandwagon.

Will Clubhouse then lose its luster? Will it fall prey to the ever-changing media comms scene as a single-channel app in an era of multi-channel communications?

Only time will tell. Till then, let's enjoy the most of what Clubhouse has got to offer!