• Koh HuiYing

What's up for Raya 2022?

The consumers have spoken! Eye-opening Raya Insights for 2022 (free webinar available)

We all know the last 2 Raya’s have been extremely difficult for our Muslim friends. However, there’s finally some light at the end of the tunnel. With high rates of vaccination and the government reassuring that MCOs may be a thing of the past, a strong Raya comeback is on the cards. What a great year for Muslim friends and of course, for marketers to celebrate the season with them!

That said, with great turmoil comes great changes. Once deeply-entrenched habits are now uprooted. What has changed with our consumers and customers? What will Raya mean to them? Nuffnang Lab deep dives into research to check in with our Muslim friends and talk to them about what has changed for the last 2 years and what excites them for this year.

Nuffnang Lab is a rebranded division in Nuffnang that runs communication strategy and brand research internally and for marketers who would like to deep dive into more consumer insights. With these insights, both Nuffnang and the brands can make insight-driven decisions for campaigns, making them relevant and impactful for their target consumers. This, in turn, keeps brands updated with the best practices in marketing communication.

Through the Raya research, we’ve observed the changes of Raya elements and consumer habits from pre-Covid until now. 7 amplified themes have been spotted among the Muslim community this year. These themes help us understand what makes this year’s Raya special and how we can best communicate with them. Among these themes, here are 3 examples of findings we’ve found:

1. Women’s role during Raya celebrations.

Women’s role during Raya celebrations is far more influential than we think. During focus group discussions, there was a recurring theme of women playing a huge part in preserving family and cultural traditions of the celebration – from the itinerary planning, work distribution, clothes/theme selection to the preservation of traditional food and culture. Understanding family dynamics during Raya can enable marketers to better connect with their consumers.

2. Have a hyper focus campaign strategy as the market has been disrupted by algorithms.

In this research, we noticed that with higher digital adoption in the last two years, consumers are used to being served more and more personalized content and ads with the help of algorithms. It gets even more imperative that brands capture their target audience with the right brand message to stay relevant. With this development, we observed that a hyper focus campaign strategy might work better for consumers as they want to watch, listen and consume content that is relatable and fitting to them. A one-size-fits-all approach may weaken a brand’s personality and standing, especially when competitors are getting more personalised in terms of their communication strategies.

3. Different meanings of ‘togetherness’ and ‘completion’ this Raya

The study has also opened our eyes to Raya sentiments that we may not have seen before - be it positive or negative. For a lot of Muslims, this will be the first meaningful celebration with their loved ones since the pandemic broke out. With some bringing new family members back, and others experiencing forever absences, the meaning of ‘togetherness’ or ‘completion’ will feel different this year. Being able to relate with consumers on an emotional level is crucial. But this does not mean that our communication messaging needs to be soppy. Heightened excitement and motivation are great ways to create positive emotions amongst consumers for brands this Raya.

To learn more about the Raya 2022 insights, Nuffnang is organising a one-off webinar for marketers and businesses to learn about the current market sentiments and how they can move forward with their communication strategies this Raya. There’ll be a Q&A session at the end to address some key questions about the findings and insights of the research. The webinar will take place on 10th March 2022 (Thursday) 3pm virtually. Take your front seat here. See you soon!