• Adhlin Hazran

What can we learn from 'Emily In Paris' on Influencer Marketing?

“It’s in Paris. Everyone is serious about dinner”

That is the best quote from Emily in Paris, but, let me change it to something relatable to our work in Nuffnang, “It’s social media. Everyone is serious about content!” Not going to lie, I wish influencer marketing would be as easy and heavenly as the movie! Sike, no it’s not. Despite the unrealistic portrayal of the industry in the movie, a few lessons can be taken into consideration. Ready to jot down some notes?

Do you realize that to get one photo posted on social media takes a whole campaign? It’s not as easy as posting one photo and assuming it’ll be a success.

To understand that not all influencers are created equal is important. They often get a bad reputation for being in it for fame. Yes, there are those people out there but, there are a number of really brilliant and capable influencers who can drive desired results for your brand.

Finding the right influencers that align with your brand is the key! Just because an influencer has 1 million followers, doesn't mean that his or her postings could reach out to the right audience. If the influencer fails to engage with their 1 million followers, it will be a waste to your media budget!

But, being engaging in itself is not enough. Emily herself is very engaging when she is on a social media campaign. Not only is she constantly thinking about what to do next as an influencer, but she also speaks her mind and that really frightened the French in the movie. Influencers know what works and what does not work. Sometimes, it is worth it to listen to their opinions as well!

The customer journey has more than one track. Emily herself is a representation of a whole campaign. Ok, it is a bit of a stretch to that but, in a nutshell, that is the whole point of the show! It reminds us that successful campaigns does not have a one size fits all approach. There are so many ways on how to engage with the audience and best to avoid by focusing or using the same particular content direction for campaigns with different objectives. Why? People will get bored seeing the same templated content constantly on their homepage. Imagine 10 influencers posting the same content style on your homepage in one day. What a boring feed!

As marketers, Emily in Paris reminds us that this industry is constantly changing, and limiting ourselves to ideas, processes, and platforms will hold back the possibilities to have the best performing content.