• Jason Lee

The Power Of Influencer Merchandising

Since the days of Paris Hilton and her many lines of perfumes, celebrities have leveraged on their popularity and influence to create merchandise to attract their followers. Beyond just the dollar & cent earned from profits, these merchandise elevates the reputation of celebrities to a cult-like level where their followers can engage and participate in. Ultimately, it is bringing celebrity worship to a whole new degree.

With content creators becoming the ‘new celebrity’, it is inevitable that they should also reap the benefits of having that celebrity-clout. In the USA, some of the biggest influencer-led merchandises are house-hold names such as Jeffree Star Cosmetics by Jeffree Star, and Team 10 Official Merch led by YouTuber Jake Paul - all of which generated hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue because of their clout. Beyond that, there are also companies who specialise in creating influencer merchandise such as Fanjoy, TeeSpring and more!

Source : Teespring

Source : Fanjoy

So we figured, what about the content creators in Malaysia?

The Future of Influencer Merchandising with Nuffnang

Unbeknownst to many, in order to start a merchandise line, there’s a number of aspects to be considered and prepared beforehand such as sourcing for the right materials, website management, shipping, order management, designs, upfront stock, etc. For those lacking experience in creating an e-commerce ecosystem, it would be a daunting experience - all this on top of a content creator’s commitment to continue creating content!

Well, this is where Nuffnang comes into the picture! With our new collaboration with our merchandising partner, Famsy, we are offering content creators a platform where we will manage the legwork mentioned above and all a content creator has to do is to reach out to us!

Our merchandising partner, FAMSY, is a team that specializes in apparel and customizable gifts. Famsy is well-loved by their loyal fans due to their fast fulfillment turnaround, thousands of designs to choose from, and high quality products to be customized from - all done on their e-commerce website. For both Nuffnang and Famsy, this new collaboration marks the start of both our team’s expansion into influencer merchandising.

Our First Foray and Success into Influencer Merchandising

With enthusiasm and optimism on our side, we roped in Naim Daniel - actor, singer and songwriter - as our first project in anticipation for the launch of his newest hit single Sembah’s music video release, which also features left-handed guitarist Man Keedal. Within 2 short weeks, our teams worked closely with Naim on getting the line of merchandise out: beginning from the selection on the type of merchandise, the design conceptualisation, a turnkey e-commerce set-up and went into full production. Not forgetting, our team was also in-charge of product photoshoot and styling for the merchandises’ key visuals (Fun Fact: Our talent manager Asyraf Azmy is a multi-talented chap who does not just manages our talents but also modeled for Naim’s line!).

With hearts full of suspense, our team launched the merchandises on as Sembah’s music video was released on Naim Daniel’s YouTube channel. The music video quickly garnered half a million views on YouTube in less than a week and in the same time, our first little foray into influencer merchandising hit five figure revenue - the success we were hoping to prove! As the popularity of the music video continues to grow, our team is projecting further a six figure revenue outcome from Naim Daniel’s Sembah merchandise line. Most importantly, we are now able to show that Malaysian content creators can also achieve similar success as those in the USA.

The Ultimate Goal of Building Better People

Profits aside, Nuffnang’s expansion into influencer merchandising is here to further the company’s mission of building better people. Nuffnang’s advocacy of building a great team behind its clients’ campaigns and educating the community through its outreach channels also includes elevating content creators working closely with Nuffnang. Ultimately, we wish to see content creators putting their best self and content forward, and Nuffnang playing a role in that growth.

In order to elevate our content creators, Nuffnang wants to add value to them rather than treating content creators as a transactional process. We know that starting one’s own brand or merchandise line requires a lot of effort, cost and time. Therefore, we want to be able to simplify that process or at least do what we can to help content creators reach the mountain top. Whereas building a merchandise line seems to be a far reaching dream previously, it is now possible with Nuffnang and Famsy’s new collaboration. Together, we transform the intangible into tangible dreams!

If you are a content creator and wish to join us in this interesting collaboration, hit us up at! If you are a brand or agency, and find this collaboration an opportunity for you, hit us up at! (And no, both Lee-s are not siblings)