• Vivien Chew

Steps to Planning a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

One too many times have our servicing team here at Nuffnang received requests as such and often, it leaves the team puzzled on how we can best address the brief at hand. Should we be looking to build general awareness or do we drive the audience to an e-commerce channel? Was there a specific type of influencer with which the brand resonates with? - all information that is important towards building an effective influencer marketing campaign. Yet, it is a set of perimeters that most brands or marketers often overlook in identifying.

Here are some reasons why it is important for brands and marketers to clearly identify their campaign perimeters when embarking on an influencer marketing campaign.


Bring influencer marketing 5 years back, and oftentimes, the most common use of influencer marketing is to drive awareness and engagement. Today, influencer marketing brings an impact on almost every layer of the marketing funnel: including the consideration and conversation phase. With new features added to social media every year (the most recent addition being Instagram Reels) and the industry pushing the potential of influencer marketing, we see influencer-led campaigns driving multiple results to reflect their initial objectives.

To start off, begin with aligning your marketing and communication objectives. Marketing objectives tell us the type of outcomes you are looking for and communication objectives point us to the key messages the brand wants to tell its audience. Setting or clarifying objectives can take as short as 5-minutes to up to several days of reiterations to solidify, but it would be time well spent at the start of the campaign to ensure that the discussion that would follow is done productively!


What we mean here with the approach is aspects such as identifying the social media platform to leverage on, or the type of influencers to collaborate with. As a brand, you would be the best candidate to assign the campaign’s approach - as you would be most familiar with your target audience. Knowing that your brand resonates better with Malaysian teens means activating campaigns on TikTok where most teenagers love to spend their time. If your brand has a niche and specific message to deliver, it might be better served to work with micro-influencers with authority within the niche audience than to leverage on a mass-audience-celebrity.

However, brands do not have to tackle this alone. In identifying your campaign’s approach, leverage on your influencer marketing agencies’ expertise and experience to work together in identifying your approach.


Hey reader, let’s be honest. You are puzzled when it comes to optimizing your influencer-led campaign. You often find yourself lost when it comes to allocating the right budget for influencer marketing and when it is all done-and-dusted, you have no idea if your campaign has been successful. If you share the sentiment above, rest assured you are not alone and it is a daunting task to optimize influencer-led campaigns.

This is why 6 months ago, Nuffnang accepted PHD Malaysia’s offer to co-create an INFLUENCER MARKETING PLAYBOOK - the first of its kind in Malaysia. What sets it apart is the data from which the playbook was based; years of influencer marketing campaign results that are specific to the Malaysian market. No longer do we have to reference our influencer-led campaigns with performance and results from other countries and provide a more local comparison - seeing the unique demographic we have here.

The INFLUENCER MARKETING PLAYBOOK is available on PHD Malaysia’s page and is free to download for all!