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Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day Campaign For Your Brand

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching regardless of whether you're single (ouch!) or in a relationship, people are eager to start celebrating the most romantic day of the year. Having said that, it is also the perfect seasonal opportunity to “make a mark” for many businesses and brands with clever creative ideas going down the route of love. More than ever, it’s the occasion for brands, agencies, and media companies to celebrate this holiday with their communities.


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You don’t have any campaigns planned ahead of the day of love on 14th February yet? We got you covered with our topline ideas geared towards romance!

Here are some creative ideas on how brands can create a turn of events and be a strong center stage to celebrate the holiday to appeal to all - couples, singles, families, or even pets. Ready to jot down some notes?

Collaboration With Other Brands + Creating Opportunities For Fans To Meet Their Favorite Personalities

After all, everyone loves free stuff and surprises, right? Let’s create a memorable experience as it is the season of love, to organize an activation for audiences to be in for a pleasant surprise such as brands collaborating with other businesses to create a limited edition collection and engage with a myriad of KOLs to personally hand-deliver the products to their fans. Are you screaming in excitement? Because I AM!! *screams*

And if you’re wondering, will this strategy employ surprise, delight, or even urge trials during this Valentine season? The answer is, yes! Take a look at this example from one of our successful past campaigns where Wall’s Cornetto partnered with local florists, 50GRAM, to introduce Cornetto Black Hojicha-inspired bouquets for Valentine’s Day.

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If you’re still scratching your head over what to gift your loved one this Valentine’s Day this year, ice cream and a bouquet of flowers sure sounds like a good idea!

In line with the launch and to further create buzz, Wall’s Cornetto also then engaged with influencers to share social postings, announcing their efforts to hand-deliver a special Cornetto Black Hojicha bouquet to lucky winners and asking audiences to screencap image of the bouquet and tag their loved ones in the post for a chance to win and meet their favorite personalities.

Not only did Wall’s Cornetto receive a ton of participation in conjunction with the follow-to-win approach, but fans had an interactive experience as the brand provided a memorable experience up to their doorstep. Without a doubt, this activation helped the brand to reach new, relevant audiences and allowed Wall’s Cornetto to leverage user-generated content to introduce a new ice cream experience.

Continuing its unconventional and creative ways of celebration, Calpis had also launched a similar activation where the brand collaborated with 50GRAM for an adorable baby pink bouquet with a bottle of their limited edition flavor of Calpis Cherry Blossom.

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Create A Valentine’s Day Themed Pack Activation (PR Kits, AR Filter & GIF Stickers!)

The kind of 3 in 1 themed packs brands need for this Valentine’s Day spread!

1. PR Kits

First, let's kick off the holidays with the perfect excuse to launch an exclusive themed PR Kits in conjunction with this lovey-dovey festivity for great brand exposure! For instance, a complete set of date night bundles in a box for all - friends or lovers, Literally can't be more perfect, especially for those who will be spending Valentine's Day staying in, dating virtually, or for long-distance lovers.

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2. AR Filter

Next up, let’s be truthful, everybody loves a filter. Instagram filters and TikTok filters, they’re everywhere. Think about it - can you even celebrate Valentine’s Day without a heart? I don’t think so, at least not for me. Instagram and TikTok AR Filter for brands are arguably one of the most effective and efficient ways to generate user-generated content through mass shareability. And so, thinking out loud, why not slap on a heart-themed Instagram Story, Instagram Reels, or TikTok filter for your brand or either one that screams “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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3. GIF Stickers

Last but not least, let's get your brand moving with Instagram GIF Stickers! Today, stickers have become an integral part of every story to create interactive and engaging content that just screams to be shared with friends. Sounds ah-mazing right? So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to uplevel your brand presence this Valentine’s Day. Simple yet intriguing.

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Here comes the end! Before that, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret - be it a big or small holiday campaign, there are no rules when it comes to love, especially for a perfect Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, these ideas above inspire your brand to come up with creative reasons to brush up on the celebrations for your consumers.

We heart these Valentine’s Day content ideas, and we hope you do too!


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