• Angeline Chiam

Nuffnang's Role in Evolutionising Its Digital Ecosystem

Launched in 2006, Netccentric Limited (“NCL”) (holding company of Nuffnang Sdn Bhd), which has been listed on the Australia Securities Exchange since 2015 has evolved from a blogging network to a digital media company with key markets being Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

With a majority acquisition of NCL in January 2020 by Ganesh Kumar Bangah, also fondly known as ‘Malaysia’s Bill Gates’, Ganesh has been spearheading the transformation of the Netccentric Group’s business model. Ganesh is also the Founder of Commerce.Asia, which is an ‘all-in-one’ eCommerce ecosystem that integrates best of breed technology solutions, talent development programs and big data insights for local and Southeast Asian businesses to succeed online.

“The objective of the Group is to develop a platform-based strategy that is able to capitalise on the growth of the global social influencer and social commerce industry. With this platform strategy, we aim to connect multiple groups – including merchants, influencers and consumers – to create positive network effects,” said Ganesh.

This led to the birth of Nuffnang Live Commerce which is part of the Group’s efforts to venture into live commerce. This would be done through its tech platform and Commerce.Asia’s e-commerce enabling ecosystem as well as the Group’s brand and influencer reach. “Live commerce represents the fusion of e-commerce and livestreaming which centers around influencers showcasing and promoting products and services to viewers,” described Ganesh. “We expect this industry to soar in the years ahead.”

“Integrating our influencer, content and e-commerce know-how, we will be providing end-to-end live video commerce solutions from live video production to payment and product fulfilment. Our technologies, combined with our largest influencer platform and onboarding training, would then empower companies to be independent and self-sustaining as they propel and scale in this fast-growing field of live commerce,” said Ganesh.

Besides growth into the live commerce space, the Group has several other digitally related service providers under its belt. Nuffnang, which specializes in social influencer and content marketing, has also launched its creative think tank and video marketing arm called RTV as well as a community driven content platform and events management arm called “Crunch” back in 2013 and 2018 respectively. Then there are also social media specialist firm, Sashimi Asia as well as performance marketing company, Plata and Punta.

Ganesh described the “sum of all parts and the various companies in its stable – Nuffnang, RTV, Crunch, Sashimi Asia, Plata and Punta, and Nuffnang Live Commerce – that make NCL the unique digital entity it is.”

“It is about synergy and strengths, and them all coming together to make NCL ‘Asia’s pioneering digital growth ecosystem’.”