• Isaiah Saw

Now Or Never

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has been the great disruptor and revelator. It is a disruptor for all the lockdowns and crazy measures that we had and still are taking to contain it. But it is also a great revelator in that it shows what the future can potentially be. Delivery services are now commonplace. More and more owners are hopping on e-commerce. Numbers back this. In 2020, e-commerce grew by 20.47%, and together on this growth trajectory is live commerce. The two biggest e-commerce platforms have invested a lot of money into their Live capabilities. Facebook, the biggest social media platform has been rolling out live commerce functionalities in certain markets. It is really now or never to jump on the live commerce bandwagon.

Together with Nuffnang Live Commerce, we at RTV launched the Nuffnang Live Commerce Playbook. If you don’t already know, Nuffnang Live Commerce is a platform that automates live commerce orders on Facebook. The Playbook, thus, focuses on building a brand’s live commerce capabilities on its own Facebook page. This is actually a great opportunity for brands to not only build on their community via Facebook’s social functions but also adds a new dimension by offering their followers an avenue to buy off them (almost) instantly.

The Playbook consolidates many learnings and realizations from different activations with our clients. Unlike a nice-looking dessert, we definitely learned that live commerce is not something easy to pick up especially when information about how-tos and insights are scarce at best. In it, we explore a brand’s readiness in kickstarting live commerce. We explore 3 key areas in determining so:

1. Brand Positioning

Here, we do a simple exercise to evaluate how to position the brand’s perception versus its competitors. Although a traditional marketing strategy, it is highly imperative for a brand to know how to position its products USPs in doing this exercise. It can also help gain insights on what kind of show formats a brand can put out to better sell its values.

2. Customer Buying Habits Established businesses may have a hard time switching to live commerce because of their current customers’ buying habits. We provide a series of guiding questions that can potentially help a brand switch its customers’ buying habits.

3. Facebook Page Health As the Playbook emphasizes Facebook live commerce, it is only natural to explore if the brand’s page is healthy enough to conduct live commerce. Here, we provided nuggets of information that can help clients to start building their pages for live commerce.

As video marketing strategists, we provided a list of checklists that can help further enhance a brand’s live commerce. Of course, if you ever need help, RTV is only a call away. We are hopeful that the Playbook will drive the conversation further and encourage more businesses to embark on their own live commerce journeys. The Playbook will be available soon on our website. Until then, please email us at for more information.