• Jarald Wong

Netflix’s Money Heist Going For The Gold

Ever since its launch, Money Heist has been the talk of the town and what more when they announced the arrival of Season 5: Part 1. While riding the trend, Netflix MY hosted a big giveaway, Gold Contest, where participants were required to post all sorts of content, while showing how big a fan they are. The grand prize being a Gold replica from the series itself! This contest is aimed to mainly drive organic content and participation from the audience.

Photo source from Google


With such a hot topic in their hands, Netflix has gone big with their marketing of the Money Heist series. Leveraging on celebrity content creators, Awal Ashaari and Scha Alyahya are the main KOLs to drive awareness and kick start the #LaBanda campaign. Bringing some comedic elements into their video, it covers notable scene mentions which any fan can’t miss! However, the underlying message of their video is obviously to drive #FOMO among those who have not watched the series. This was a great attempt at using influencers to generate excitement and buzz over the upcoming release of the show’s new season.

To further amplify this, Netflix has also engaged a couple of local artists like Bass Agents, Shaun Vinda, Vishal Chopra, and other local artists where they performed various remix versions of the song Bella Ciao, being the infamous theme song of Money Heist! But what shocked the public was when they engaged with world-renowned local artist, Yuna for a Bella Ciao remix with the Malaysian Philharmonics. That video alone generated a total of 365k organic views and over 16k interactions. Not to mention the various reaction videos that followed suit. Netflix anchored the campaign mainly on the series’ theme song, Bella Ciao and even though the song is in Italian, it has made waves within our society due to its heavy association with the series. We believe that oftentimes, it is what is lacking in most campaigns that are run. Too much focus is placed on creating different types of messaging but sometimes, all it takes is one common theme and a simple idea to generate a long-lasting campaign.

As for the awareness of the Gold Contest, Netflix has also engaged KOLs to curate content – dressing up as the crew (using the iconic red jumpsuit and Dali masks), to create anticipation of the new season of Money Heist. In an extension of this, Netflix MY had organized a Facebook event to bring together fans of La Casa de Papel to sing the theme song!

To conclude, Money Heist definitely took social media by storm with its highly anticipated return of Season 5 – and both organic and KOL engagement contents are aimed to create awareness to build the hype around this series.

The key takeaway from this campaign will be the relevancy and timing of its contents pushing out the social media by Netflix and the engaged KOLs. Similarly to trendy content, it’s important to know when to “catch” the early end of its “lifespan”, to gain the most out of it – ultimately yielding the best possible results.