• Adrianna Ashley

Introducing The Merchist by Nuffnang

Have you ever heard about The Merchist by Nuffnang? Now that you’ve heard about it, are you curious about who we are? So, what is The Merchist? The 'Merchist' name represents a combination of ‘Merch’ and ‘Specialist’ - leveraging the Group's marketing capabilities into specialisation in the merch business, advising and executing on everything from branding and design to production and fulfilment. Nuffnang handles everything after the sale: producing the product, shipping and customer service, including handling returns and refunds. This makes it easy for influencers to create and sell their products online with no risk and no upfront costs.

Merch became a huge “must-have” when Fanjoy engages big time influencers that can help with the growth of their business; trending and highly engaged creators. Fanjoy started with one of the most famous Youtubers, Jake Paul and it helped them to establish their brand in the industry and opened more doors for other influencers' entry. We believe, with the existing strong influencers that we have now like Tasnim Shah, Raf Yaakob, Sterk Production and Luqman Podolski, it will be easier for us to recruit more KOLs in the future as to scale up our business to a more favourable and strong volume.

You might be wondering what is Fanjoy? Fanjoy are mainly general apparels such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and also phone cases which are similar with what we have in The Merchist now. Fanjoy has been operating on a print-on-demand basis in the beginning as well which really helped them to scale up the business fast and allow any influencer to get something up and running and into testing mode in no time. With the proven results, Fanjoy managed to find more production partners to cater the growing demand and enhance customer's shopping experience across the states and sourced out a manufacturer who can create any kind of product that a creator wants.

Benefits for Influencers and Fans

  • Supplements and diversifies influencer revenue earned through branded campaigns, with no cash investment and risk on the part of the influencer.

  • Through selling merchandise, influencers gain a cost-effective marketing tactic to get their brand in front of more eyes. Merchandise extends their brand and provides an effective way to take their content from digital to physical.

  • Empowers influencers to express their creative freedom and build connection with their fans through tangible products. By creating custom merchandise for their brand, influencers gain a chance to show their fans a new side of what they can create.

  • The launch of The Merchist can be a huge opportunity to generate content. Influencers can boost their fans' excitement between a merch announcement and launch to get them ready to buy.

  • Fosters a community of loyal fans that have one thing in common – their love for the influencer's content - by creating products that fans can discuss on social media and share when they receive them.

Branded influencer merchandise hits a unique sweet spot for eCommerce, where the combination of niche brands and enthusiastic fans can drive strong demand for products – providing the perfect recipe for a successful online shopfront.

Nuffnang has developed The Merchist by Nuffnang to provide its network of influencers, celebrities and creators with the opportunity to develop and sell their own branded products online. The Merchist by Nuffnang is a full end-to-end influencer merch solution, providing inspiration, print-on-demand products and fulfilment, all free of charge to the influencer. This marketplace will allow fans and consumers to deepen their relationships with their favourite influencers and artists by buying a range of customised merchandise, including cosmetics, t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, phone cases, tote bags, hats, keychains, mugs and other homewares.

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