• Vivien Chew

Inspiring Exceptional Work Amongst Content Creators

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

One fine day (but humid, as with most days in Malaysia), the team in Nuffnang toyed again with the vision of creating exceptional pieces of work and how we can further drive this vision across all levels of our stakeholders. The initial inspiration sparks came in in the form of a lament, where the feedback was along the line of our inability to receive consistent work quality from our content creators - some exceeding expectations and others, below-average quality at times. Of course, the emphasis was drawn towards those below-average qualities and how we should 'deal' with them.

It was then when Kausern Hieu, Nuffnang Malaysia's Country Manager, interjected and commented; "Are the content creators aware that their work was below-average qualities? Do they know why and have we (Nuffnang) played a sufficient role that they could have leveraged on to improve?"

It was a moment of silence and then, realisation that we needed to put in place mechanics to build improvements on.

That is how Nuffnang began to roll out its Talent Engagement Overview initiative - a small but important initiative where each campaign ends with feedback from Nuffnang's team on the quantitative and qualitative performance of the content creators' efforts.

We've since begun to slowly roll out our overviews with an early set of content creators and here are some positive feedbacks we have since received:

These positive feedbacks, and more, have proven to be the fuel needed by the team to further drive the vision of creating exceptional work with everyone they collaborate with; from brands, agencies, and content creators. It was also a hallmark moment for most of the Nuffnang team to see the true impact they can have on others from a simple gesture of 'giving (constructive) feedbacks'.

Moving forward, the intention would be to further strengthen the Nuffnang Experience of content creators collaborating with Nuffnang towards a larger vision. However, this is not a vision that is solely placed on a two-party relationship. Rather, we believe that this effort can also be extended to brands and agencies where feedbacks are given with the intention to build greater work together, in the long run. So here is a call out to our clients; feel free to give us a shoutout whenever you are inspired to empower the next generation of content creators! We'll be happy to hear.

This initiative was lead by the collective efforts of Nuffnang's Operations & Analytics Team (OATs), the Talent Team and the Community Specialists.