• Asyraf Azmy

How Influencers Elevate Your Marketing Strategies

When we talk about “influencers”, the general thought is that this group of people have a large audience who is constantly eyeing them on social media platforms. Funny enough, that is the reality of it. In fact, some influencers do prefer to have a certain image that they try to maintain when they are in the public eye. This is why their followers look up to them and how they coined the term of “being an Influencer”.

The value of influencers to brands has definitely evolved over time as compared to the traditional approach. Influencers have the ability to generate the best content that would trigger engagement from their fans or followers and when this is placed in a business setting, it equates to valuable branding. People are keener to indulge in content that is more authentic which they can relate to which is why influencers have large followings. They produce content that resonates with their audiences and when posted on social media, allows for interaction compared to when an audience sees a brand advertisement. This is where influencers play a vital role in amplifying the right brand ideals or messages across a multi-layered audience.

With the current pandemic, influencers have the time to be more flexible in creating content and allow them to transition seamlessly to a remote-work model. That being said, influencers are still creating content, even when you or your team cannot. It’s difficult sometimes for brands to stay engaged with the customers without any on-ground activations but with these skilled influencers and content creators, they can easily curate content for their audiences remotely at their own comfort.

Having first-hand knowledge of what their audiences respond to, Influencers are able to curate content that would trigger a response - something that a lot of brands struggle with.

Using influencers is a great way to “humanize” a brand. This of course fully depends on your choice of influencers. We have provided a guide to how you should funnel down your search when it comes to choosing the right Influencers for your brand or campaign to ensure your different objectives are met. Humanizing your brand creates a sense of trust between you and the consumers, and this in turn will allow for an engaging conversation with them. A new post or a new product launch from your brand could spark conversations with your consumers when they know they are conversing with a person rather than a corporate image. Placing an influencer as the face of your brand is a great way to achieve this. The influencer promotes the product, service, or brand and addresses the questions that their audience (your target audience) has regarding the topic.

If you do it right, leveraging on the authenticity and reach of influencers will contribute an enormous impact to your brand regardless of the pandemic. Influencers’ recommendations are regularly respected by their followers and the motivation behind collaborating with them is to acquire a foothold for your brand image. Including influencers in your marketing strategy can be a true advantage as it permits you to connect with their crowd, and grow your brand image.