• Emily Goh Yi En

Calling all Ambitious Go-Getters, Crunch School starts now!

If you are someone who enjoys learning, and always on the lookout for opportunities to skill up, we are excited to welcome you into the doors of our newly launched Crunch School - a learning space for ambitious individuals to unlock their best potential!

Here is a little backstory as to why we built Crunch School:

Ever since we started Crunch, we have this one non-negotiable mission - that is to inspire ambitious individuals like you to become the best versions of yourself.

And in our journey with our community through our events and workshops, we are often so inspired by their energy and passion to always want to improve themselves and grow to be better.

With that, we decided to extend our mission to go beyond inspiration, but rather to take it to the next level and make things happen. So, we curated this learning space where we can further strive together.

But how is Crunch School different from other learning platforms out there?

Yes, we are addressing the elephant in the room. Why is there a need for yet another learning platform? This is because Crunch knows our community of ambitious individuals better than anyone else.

We know the struggles you face as you try to find digital courses that are relevant to our own local industries, and not to mention, at a reasonable price (how are we supposed to spend thousands to learn a course if we are just starting out?) Trust us, we have been there.

With that, we built Crunch School to support our community in their journey of self-development. To give you access and pick the brains of our own local industry leaders who have built their own careers here locally from the ground up. To give you comprehensive courses where you will learn the basics and fundamentals to get you started. To provide you with actionable steps and tips so you can take action to learn a new skill. To help you make the best out of your own potential.

With months and months of hard work behind the scenes, we are kick-starting our launch with 3 courses that you can take on right away (even if you have zero prior knowledge or experience):

  • Kickstarting Your Copywriting Career from Scratch

  • Crunching Guide to SEO: Your Ultimate Guide to SEO for Growing Your Business

  • Building Compelling Pitch Decks and Present Your Ideas Effectively

The wait is over, so come and journey with us at

P/S Don’t miss out your chance to be a Crunch Nerd and get RM10 off any of our offered courses if you sign up before 12th April ;)

See you in school!