• Vivien Chew

95percent's Joy Audit of the People Behind #MadeInNuffnang

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Work culture is the talk of town in most workplaces today. Some say it's fluffy' and merely a superficial facade HR managers put on to attract recruits. While the other half swears by workplace culture-building.

At 95percent, the team worked closely with Nuffnang's culture-movers to turn 'Nuffnang the workplace' into 'Nuffnang the joyplace'; all for the goal of seeing Nuffnang & the team behind it grow, thrive and win. To know more about 95percent, head on to their website here.

95percent conducted a Joy Audit of working in Nuffnang and how it feels like to be #MadeInNuffnang. These are some of the key high points that we felt proud of and that is representative of our Country Manager, Kausern Hieu's sweat and toil. Along with that, how we see these cultures being able to affect our company goals.

1. Those who are #MadeInNuffnang, belongs

A sense of love and belonging is a key feature you will witness when coming into contact with the team. We do not only display strong team mentality but a strong trust amongst one another - knowing that at the end of the day, we've got each other's back especially in this fast-paced industry.

Ever and again, this trust goes beyond what is necessary for a harmonious workplace. Some might say there are no personal boundaries here; for example, I know of my colleagues' odd allergies, the exact heartbreaking moment which changed their life around for the stronger, and my team in return knows my favorite brand of sanitary pads (intimate, i know).

Instead of dwelling over the fact that these pieces of information are 'too close for comfort', we instead turn them into opportunities where the clients can be assured that the Nuffnang Experience of working on a campaign together means never having to work alone; to always be assured that the campaigns are supported by a collaborative team; and most of all, a team that is in it to win it - together.

2. The Nuffnang Culture is what makes our team rise to work every morning

Cliche, but imagine having to come to work where there is management instability, your colleagues hate you and your manager does not trust you. Hardly the sort of motivation that you would rise out of bed for. At that point, perhaps you should wonder if there are deeper meanings from your daily travail.

So we asked: What are the top 3 things that Nuffies like about working at Nuffnang, that motivates them to come to work day-after-day?

Here's the summary;

This positive culture has been carefully curated over the years to ensure that the teams behind the campaigns coming out from Nuffnang are those delivered with thought and determination.

Afterall, the state of one's bowel movements are a result of what we eat - simiarly, if we can nurture a positive culture internally, it is a step towards building exceptional work.

3. Warts and all, Nuffies love what they do

So far, we have the trust to win together, signs of a positive culture that results in exceptional work - but do we know if the team truly loves what they do and see their work as a vessel to aspire towards a greater purpose?

I guess they do! Loving what we do is catalyst towards ensuring that our work is not just exceptional but has a deeper purpose to it. From the way we deliver feedbacks to our talents and collaborators that would raise their bar of excellence, all the way to delivering value to our clients via impactful campaigns - Nuffies worry, sigh and occasionally cry over campaigns, but they do so because they care.