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Kausern Hieu, Country Manager of Nuffnang Malaysia

Over the last few years, Influencer Marketing has really been a booming industry and will continue its upward trajectory. According to R3 Worldwide, Southeast Asia’s Influencer Marketing industry was worth USD638 million in 2019 and it is estimated to grow 4x in the next five years to reach USD 2.59 billion by 2024. 


However, in order to succeed with Influencer Marketing, you need to first be clear of what it does and its unique benefits. Then only we can plan how this channel can complement and strengthen your other marketing channels. 


Take for example, Influencer Marketing and TV commercials / Pre-rolls. Each of these channels offer a different value. When consumers see a TV ad, they see the brand logo, product shot, key claims and tagline, and hear the catchy jingles. It gets stuck in their minds. This impacts the beginning of the path to purchase. Whereas Influencer Marketing takes this a step further by integrating products into the Influencers’ lives that their followers seek inspiration from. This would potentially increase consideration and purchase intent—the final stages of the path to purchase.


Hence, it shouldn’t be an “either/or” scenario because clearly, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 


In closing, our responsibility as a marketer is to continually challenge and improve every media channel available in our ‘media toolbox’, be it as a standalone channel or when it is integrated. To deliver excellent work for the Brand, the media planning principles do not change. 


This month’s articles are to introduce you to Nuffnang’s new venture in improving the Influencer Marketing ecosystem. To provide a medium for understanding the value of influencer marketing and how it would elevate the overall marketing outcome when it’s integrated with your overall media mix. 


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