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Kausern Hieu, Country Manager of Nuffnang Malaysia

Traditionally, companies like us was seen to be representing so-and-so influencers and bloggers, just like how a talent agency would for actors, musicians and sports athletes. But three years ago, we realised this model wasn’t working for both our clients and influencers. 


The talent rep model was just not complete for us to run a successful full-scale influencer marketing campaign. So, we shifted our approach from a traditional talent agency to a full-service influencer marketing company where we no longer represent any influencers. 


As a full-service influencer marketing company, we work with our clients to brainstorm for ideas and insights to solve their marketing challenge through suitable influencers and content creators which we will engage. 


Hence, it’s the strategy that informs us which influencers to collaborate with. If we have an exclusive relationship with selected influencers, we could be tempted to prioritize them over focusing on finding the right influencers in the marketplace to deliver on the campaign. 


It’s a win-win for influencers too because exclusivity limits potential. By not being contractually tied down, they are free to take on as many jobs as they want as an independent contractor. 


So, this is where we are today. But I realised if we continue to be just brokering campaigns for our network of influencers, we’re not being true to ourselves. 


Nuffnang exist to add value to all our stakeholders so that they can become better versions of themselves. Yes, that includes our network of influencers. 


That’s why we’ve started to go beyond just providing them with campaigns but to build an ecosystem to support and empower our influencers to hone their craft.  


This is what we are doing so far: 


There are a few more exciting programs we’re building in the pipeline to enrich our network of influencers. We will be systematically rolling it out in 2021.   


In closing, to qualify ourselves as the best full-service influencer marketing busines in town, not only should we be committed to our clients, but we should be equally devoted to our network of influencers. 


We must evolve beyond simply securing paying gigs for our creators but to also provide them with the means and opportunity to not only be an expert in what they do, but to ultimately be better human beings.   

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