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Kausern Hieu, Country Manager of Nuffnang Malaysia

When we think of this subject, it’s typically in reference to consumer brands such as Nike and Disney because they are masters at hacking into our emotions. Nike represents motivation and inspiration while Disney sells happiness and the illusion of fantasy.  

Unfortunately, there is a perception that B2Bs need to be formal, serious, and business-y. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way; cold and soulless.  B2Bs can also appeal to the emotions of their clients. Here’s how:


1. Empower your staff to engage

The corporate website often showcases important people in the company with their headshots and big designations. I would like to challenge you to go beyond this. Nothing says “we’re human” more than empowering your non-managerial staff to engage back and forth, to listen, to ask questions, to laugh, to care, and to just be human with your clients. For example, Nuffnang was recently invited by the Malaysian Digital Association to conduct an Influencer Marketing workshop series for its members (which consists of publishers and agencies).  We intentionally got our operational staff to conduct the workshops. They are not certified teachers but yet, the team received positive feedback from the attendees. This is because people would rather listen and trust someone who is authentic. 


2. Educate, don’t sell

Be a thought leader in the area your business would like to excel in. Meaning, when your clients think of the space you operate in, your company name immediately pops up. This can be achieved through consistent creation of helpful content. Treat your clients as your friends. Now, you wouldn’t want to constantly deliver infomercials to your friends, would you? Instead, focus on giving your audience educational content which will add value to their job. 


3. Social proof

Social proof simply means validation from external parties. Which works better? You singing praises about your own accomplishments vs. people singing praises of your accomplishments? This psychological and social phenomenon applies to B2Bs too. Social proof comes in the form of your client testimonies, ratings, PR coverage, winning awards, and even experts/influencers’ endorsement.  


In closing, consider cutting down your cold and corporate jargons. Instead, show your audience your “human” side; what you stand for, where your passion lies, and how you can add value. I hope you’ll find this month’s articles helpful. Have a great June and stay safe!